Executive Management Team

Dino Fabrizio


Rick Kirsch

VP of Underwriting

Jennifer Robinson


Jennifer Jennings

Business Development Manager

Valerie Peer


Meet Our Team

Scott Pruitt

Senior Account Executive

Nicole Doss

Assistant Account Manager

Danielle Boger

Account Executive

Andrew Kohler

Producer / VP Staffing Division

Josephine Colon

Level II Account Manager

Jason Cook

Senior Staff Accountant

Erin Martins

Assistant Account Manager

Mark Stetson


Christina Griffin

Account Manager

Kali Badder

Staff Accountant

Daniel Guevara

Account Manager

Jeannie Clements

Senior Underwriter

Jolando Dileo

Assistant Account Manager

Having the comfort level knowing that you are working with the best of the best is priceless.

Throughout the years, RTIA has consistently been a staple for its clients and service partners.  As a result we have participated in and continue to represent several organizations that are industry specific, so that we can stay ahead of the game when there is a change that is going to affect our clients. Our commitment gives you peace of mind knowing that you are working with a best-in-class agency that maintains an expertise in the areas that matter most to you and your clients.